Skiing Etiquette Tips

Last weekend I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on the slopes of Hunter Mountain. For only $100 Living Social offered a trip that included transportation from the city to the slopes, ski rentals, lift tickets and even a hot cup of coffee from the bar and thanks to the “luck of the Irish” we had perfect conditions (fresh powder, sunny skies and 45 degree temperatures).

In attempt not to look like too much of a rookie, I cautiously examined what others around me were doing.  Through their actions, I was able to pick up valuable lessons not only on good skiing etiquette, but ways to keep others and myself around me safe.

Be aware of those around you. Lessons are available for beginner skiers and some places have a dedicated lift line for those taking the lesson. Allow the beginner and their instructor to go first. Once off the lift and one the slope, (which proved more difficult then it looked) be aware that the skier in front always has the right away. It is your responsibility has the skier in back to anticipate the skier ahead’s moves.

Sharing is caring. From the trail to the locker room, weekends at the lodge can be busy and crowded.  On the trail try to foresee which direction people are headed and respect a safe distance. However, if you have an extra seat at your table during lunchtime, cozy up and make room. You never know whom you might meet.

Be Courteous on the chairlift. Speaking of sharing, many times you will share a chairlift or gondola with people you don’t know. The polite thing to do is say hello with some sort of acknowledgment as you get in. The first guy we shared a lift with was actually someone who worked on the mountain and we were able to ask for tips on where to ski. Be sure to warn other rides before you put down the chairlift and be courteous not to smoke if riding with people you don’t know. 

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