Netiquette 101

Netiquette is a fairly recent concept based on how we get along with others on the internet with little to no nonverbal cues available. It is important to understand the different types of online communication such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest and how we can leverage them to positively represent ourselves and our brand. 

The guidelines on what we find socially acceptable to share will vary depending on the social media outlet and community, but below are some basic recommendations to help safeguard against creating damaging misunderstandings.

1. Post things that are relative, positive, polite and inspiring.

2. Use social media to bond with people by being respectful, engaging, helpful and authentic 

3. Make sure information posted is validated. Posts with inaccurate facts can lower credibility. 

4. Understand the repercussions posting something offensive can have socially and professionally.

5. Consider the tone you wish to convey before posting.

6. Never share sexually explicit photos. The ambiguous nature of new technology does not give us any excuse to confuse self-expression with lack of self-respect.

7. Don’t write in all caps.

8. Don’t use social media to vent or for slander.

9. Be aware of the disconnect people feel when they learn about others personal experiences via the internet that are better shared face to face. 

10. Understand the importance of being consistent. 

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